Dumpling Vinegar – ingredients: Water, Glutinous Rice, Wheat Bran, Sugar, Salt.

Fresh Chili oil – ingredients: Chili Pepper, Pepper Seed, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Star Anise.

Note : Dumpling can be boiled, steamed, and pan-fried. ** 12F and 14F are for steam and pan-fry only. Wonton should be boiled. For Pancake thaw for 5 min or microwave for 40 sec, add 2 tsp of oil, medium heat on both sides until turn golden brown, serve.

To Boil: put 10-12 pcs dumplings/ wontons into boiled water, gently stir to prevent sticking. After the water boiled again, boil for another 8-10 min, drain, remove excess water, and serve.

To Steam: After steamer water boiled, steam 10-12 pcs dumplings for 10 min and serve.

To Pan-Fry: follow above instruction steam/boil first, drain all water, add 1 tsp of cooking oil, medium heat until bottom of the dumpling turn golden brown, serve.