Mr. & Mrs. Li started Dumpling house in late 2012 and are currently the Executive Chefs at Dumpling House. Before starting this restaurant business in Canada, Mr. & Mrs. Li ran similar food businesses in 1992 in China, and have already accumulated thousands of work hours in the culinary industry related to the art of making dumplings. In 2014, Dumpling House took part in the Toronto Dumpling Duel Competition and won “The Best Dumpling Filling Award” at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre.


At Dumpling House we offer fresh handmade dumplings that come in a variety of flavours. The dumpling fillings are freshly made with secret recipes that provide an authentic northern Chinese taste. We are committed to our food quality and consistency. We serve with delight and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

In addition to our expertise in serving dumplings, our menu selection also features a wide range of mainstream Chinese dishes.

Our value proposition is to provide our customers a casual dining experience, which includes traditional Chinese cuisine at increased servings all at a competitive price.

We also offer catering services for special events, and we sell frozen dumplings for take out.


dumpling house 619 steamer

We invite you and welcome your visit to the Dumpling House 619 Gerrard St E.

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10 comments on “ABOUT US

  1. Have been a loyal patron of the dumpling house for 18 months. Nothing but great things to say about it. Not once have we seen anything that would give us concern.

    • Thank you very much for your comment on our website and for your regular visits, we will continue to deliver quality dumplings and improve our services. Your compliments are well appreciated!

      We have also started our Facebook page and Twitter page for our patrons to network with us.

  2. First time going to a full on restaurant with Dumplings…. completely addicted and the server was wonderful very great!

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